Ligament repair operation cures bladder ulcers

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Ligament repair operation cures bladder ulcers

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This is a case report that should stun everyone.

In some cases of IC, there are painful, open sores or areas of inflammation in the bladder, known as Hunner's lesions or Hunner's ulcers. They can bleed freely.
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Surely this is caused by a bug, a terrible infection? Or an autoimmune disease? Or some chemical?

No. Here we have a case where the lesion was repaired by an operation to repair a prolapsed muscle and ligament near the bladder.

How did a muscle-ligament problem cause a bladder ulcer and bladder inflammation? I refer you back to the page on the etiology of UCPPS:

UCPPS CPPS Prostatitis IC is a psychoneuromuscular disorder

On that page we describe how cross-talk between nerves that innervate muscles and nerves that innervate organs essential means that we have not organs and muscles, but muscle-organs, or organ-muscles. Muscles and organs are indivisibly linked, inextricably intertwined.
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