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Success Story

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Hello friends. I would like to report my success story.

After struggling with the awful symptoms of CPPS from age 16 until my late 20's I am happy to report that my symptoms are pretty much controlled and I am well into a very successful aviation career as a 32 y/o military pilot and a major airline first officer.

I still occasionally use the tools and techniques that Dr.David Wise taught me (the Wand, relaxation techniques, etc.) but 99% of the time I don't need them. And it's not that I have not been challenged psychologically or physically because I have experienced some of the most stress-inducing training the USAF has to offer (survival/evasion/resistance/escape training, SUPT flight school, aerial refueling training, etc) and deployed to some of the most hostile places on earth where I was able to do my job and thrive despite my history of CPPS symptoms.

I tried most of the treatment modalities discussed in this forum unsuccessfully but what really helped me was a visit to the Anderson-Wise clinic at Santa Rosa CA and an evaluation/treatment from his physical therapist. The approach Dr. Wise's team taught me got me through some very difficult times and changed the direction of my life.

Admin Comment: I noticed another success story with Dr Wise on Reddit so I am copying it here:
I attended the Wise-Anderson protocol clinic, about six months ago. I can unequivocally say that it lead me to a full recovery, full stop. It took a lot of commitment to the regimen, but I'm not being dramatic when I say it saved my life. The only reason I saw this thread was because my old physical therapist emailed me asking how I was doing and I started reminiscing/taking a trip down memory lane to a dark period of my life, when I would lurk this subreddit every day in constant pain. I guarantee you most people who recover leave and never look back here.

$3500 is not an easy price tag (in fact, for out-of-state patients it is a lot more when you add up airfare and lodging). Because of that I wouldn't recommend attending as your "just-diagnosed" first option. But for me, it was the nuclear option, when everything else failed (antibiotics, other meds/supps, acupuncture, stretching, yoga, psychotherapy, and pelvic-specific physical therapy).

At the end of the day, you leave the clinic with training/tools to perform self-physical therapy/myofascial release, a wand to relieve knots in the pubococcygeus muscles, and relaxation therapy. Should all this really cost $3500+? To be honest, that's a really hard question...on one hand for what you leave with, it's a massive rip-off. Dr. Wise shouldn't be charging this much for some tools and tapes. On the other hand. when you suffer for months (or years) on end, with depression, insomnia, and anxiety multiplying the effects of chronic pelvic pain, having lost all hope in life, $3500 is a damn cheap price to pay to get your life back. And I got my life back.

Although he's eccentric for sure, I believe Dr. Wise is sincere in wanting to help sufferers of CP/CPPS and not at all a con artist like OP is insinuating. I attribute my recovery to his and Tim Sawyer's 20+ years of research and hard work as well as my personal commitment to actually work on myself and follow the protocol instead of expecting some magic pill or needle to heal me.
Age:28 | Onset Age:16 | Symptoms: burning pain extending from base of scrotum to tip of penis, Bladder Urgency/frequency (4-5 times daily), depressive feelings but no nocturia, or sex related Sx's. Work up by 3 different urologists. Tried every treatment known to man: Wise/Anderson book and clinic, cognitive therapy, PT, Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS), plus Prosta-Q, Quercetin, (3) antibiotics, Vesicare, Uroxatrol, Elimiron, SSRI's, Effexor, Valium, Celebrex, Motrin, etc. | Helped By: Well, I wish I could say something has helped me, long term ...but it hasn't. Exercise helps short term-I feel better after running 15-20 min, hot baths give me some short term relief.| Worsened By: "Stress" may play a role, however my symptoms are cyclic , some days I feel ok, other days I feel really lousy | Other comments:
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