Why donate to this website?

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Why donate to this website?

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Pay for a forum? Why should I?

This website exists on a shoestring budget. Be generous when you donate to the UCPPS/Prostatitis informational patient-driven site to ensure our message remains available to all patients, saving many from suicide (according to emails received) and keeping the myths and malpractice in this field under control. By donating the small sum of $20, you are assisting in the continued life of the forum for yourself and other sufferers, both now and in the future. The website has minimal revenue and large costs.

Donate to this site because we are saving lives. That is not an exaggeration. The emails received by the webmaster and the moderators prove it.

And then there are the costs and expenses for this website, which are:

  1. Hosting and Domain Registration fees
  2. The webmaster’s labor for
    • Monitoring and answering of posts (hundreds of manhours per year)
    • Monitoring news and research in the field, reading journals for you
    • Periodic forum and website software upgrades (10-40 manhours per year)
    • Emergency recovery from security and DDoS attacks (happens at least once a year)
  3. Software licensing

That is not an exhaustive list. In addition, before a donation was made mandatory, the forum was overrun with up to 20 or more registrations a day, making it impossible for the admin and moderators to maintain an orderly and polite atmosphere, and threatening the continued viability of the site.

NOTE: Our only internet competition, a UCPPS-oriented site catering to women, extracts money from its readers in numerous ways that we have strived to avoid, such as direct sales to visitors, annual membership fees, selling expensive private coaching sessions with patients (our advice is free), paid smartphone apps, Google Ads on every page … etc. Instead, we give honest, fact-based advice, not platitudes and empty slogans. We try to get you well and send you on your way, not enmesh you in a confusing, inescapable labyrinth where we can soak you for money. That’s why a small one-off donation is worthwhile: it stops you from being harassed as you would be at a purely commercial site.

How do I donate?

PayPal link at bottom of your screen. It's easy and quick.

You can donate to the forum if you have
  • a PayPal account OR
  • a credit card OR
  • a bank debit card supported by PayPal.com (most major cards and banks).

Privacy Policy

All donations are PRIVATE. Your address is not disclosed to this site. PayPal states: “When you use PayPal, your financial information is never shared with the merchant” (i.e. this website). In addition, this website will never release your email details or use them in any way to gather data or send spam.
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