Carl's basic starter's list

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Carl's basic starter's list

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Carl's basic starter's list
  • Purchase the book A Headache in the Pelvis and learn it.

  • Find a qualified Physical Therapist (UK: physiotherapist) in pelvic floor dysfunction. Contact Dr. Wise himself or do a search here.

  • Get a free supply of Quercetin and try it for 3 months to calm inflammation. It could help you. If you feel improvements, you can take it long term by taking a break — 4 weeks on, 1 week off.

  • Learn the stretches to do daily outlined in A Headache in the Pelvis. Similar stretches in yoga can be helpful.

  • Take a break from normal exercise or vigorous workouts until the pelvic muscles have healed. Slowly bring those work outs back and see how it affects you.

  • Take evening hot baths and relaxation, whatever works for you, to get out of your head and into a deep breathing routine —paradoxical, autogenic— what ever it is, as long as it's deep and meaningful in breath.

  • Ask your doctor about Elavil (amitriptyline) —low dosage, 10mg— to calm nerves and protect mast cells. Note: you can cut it to 5 mg and do it every 48 hours and eventually stop when you are ready

  • Cognitive work to control anxiety is a huge factor in UCPPS.

  • Drop your pelvis everyday all day. To identify the muscles that you need to relax to drop the pelvis, do this (once only): when you pass urine, stop your flow — those are the muscles, and/or the PC muscle, that could be very tight or in dysfunction. Those are the muscles you need to "drop", and over time it will become second nature to do so.

  • Avoid foods that can irritate. You have to experiment here, it takes time and trial and error. Some say an IC diet helps.

  • If you are a member of a gym that has a steam room, after your workout take a steam bath, preferably with eucalyptus, doing squat and pigeon stretches, and paradoxical relaxation! Very wonderful!!! :-D

  • Learn self internal work through a qualified PT.
These are a few things you can do to get started and know that over time and hard work, you can have a great quality of life and lessons learned about your self that go far beyond our condition. It's a life style change for the better and our condition is the warning to change your life now.

I'm not a doctor and these are the tools that have helped me manage my UCPPS and so can you!!

Over time you can again charge hard in life, but in a relaxed way as I always say!!!! :wink:

Regards, Carl. :-D
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I encourage anxiety prone UCPPS people to consider L-Theanine
Age, 44 onset age 37 Feb 2006 Freq. need to urinate. Sensation of having to urinate soon after going. Perineum discomfort/burning/tightness, pubic area discomfort @ times,poor urine stream, post urine dripping/spray. All symptoms have improved with my protocol. At the worst I give it a 1 to 2 on irritation and discomfort and frequency. Helps: Elavil 5mg for anxiety and mast cell protection, (will only take it as needed) self internal PT as needed, stretching, walking, stairmaster cardio workout and light weights, reducing stress, moment to moment relaxation, deep breathing relaxation and using a Theracane. Makes worse: sitting for long periods, stress, over focusing on it. Currently 95%-98% recovered. Stay positive, relaxed and control your anxiety.
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