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Gerard Greene / Harborne Physiotherapy UK

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Hi guys, so I turned 30 last Monday and I’ve just been relaxing, trying not to focus heavily on CPPS, go for plenty of walls in the sun, have hot baths etc and I’ve been doing better. I feel like the flare is winding down a bit, but still struggling with more sensitivity than I did before the flare. I’m sure I’ll get on top of it though.

Over the past week I’ve realised what a resource this forum is tbh after floundering around back on Reddit with people hypothesising all kinds of nonsense. Thank you everyone, especially webslave for your hard work. I don’t actually know how you do it!

So I spoke with Gerard Greene and I think I’ll upload his advice here, 1) because no one else has documented their experience with him here and 2) because if possible, it would be cool to get people’s thoughts on his suggestions - but no pressure.
The plan is to :

1. Re-start back into the abdominal breathing

2. Once you are doing that 2-3 times daily for about a week then re-start the EZ Magic but twice per week doing the gentle stretching.

3. Once the EZ magic has been done x week I would then start to do some very very gentle trigger point work as follows
  1. belly breathing x several minutes
  2. gentle internal stretching or mobility with the EZ magic ( 3, 9, 5, 7 on the clock )
  3. using the large end of the EZ Magic doing some gentle pressure to locate any sensitive points and sustain x 30 sec to 60 secs and work around the clock again . Avoid going straight up. *Gerard told me to avoid going straight up in case I irritate the urethra if I’m just starting out with internal work - he said it can be very sensitive there?*
  4. more belly breathing
  5. gentle stretching

On the clinic page there are some videos outlining this

So here are Gerard’s qualifications:

Gerard Greene
MSc (Manip Physio), MMACP, MCSP, PG Cert HEd
Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist
Clinical Mentor MSc Manual Therapy Students

He seems to be much more qualified than Karl Monohan, who - as far as I can tell - is only an ‘Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist’.

Just as an extra bit of info, Gerard also recommends this abdominal massage:

Okay so I appreciate that this may take a bit of time to look through, but if anyone has any thoughts on this guy’s recommendations, I’d really appreciate it
Age: 30 | Onset Age: 21 | Symptoms: Pain in urethra, sore/engorged veins on penis, pain upon/after ejaculation, occasional ache in testicles/abdomen, pain at base of penis at times | Helped By: Warm baths, not ejaculating too much, possible intermittent help from internal and external physiotherapy | Worsened By: Sitting on hard surfaces, ejaculating too much (or ejaculating at all, really), sit ups and other strenuous exercises like weights
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Re: Gerard Greene / Harborne Physiotherapy UK

Post by webslave »

Greene seems to be offering the correct protocols, at first glance (have not watched all the videos all the way through). He's well qualified and may be a useful resource for people in the UK and Europe generally.

I look forward to some patient reports.
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