Sher Pelvic Health and Healing in Orlando, FL USA

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Sher Pelvic Health and Healing in Orlando, FL USA

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I figured I'd leave a review here since I don't see many central Florida reviews. This is my second PT. My first one was a general PT who also did pelvic stuff. I won't name them since I didn't give them a fair shot.

In any case, I have been seeing them for almost a month and my symptoms have dropped to consistently being 60% better. Since I had been dealing with my urologist and attempts at self PT for months at this point that is a huge upswing. I'll just write down how a typical treatment goes and then a pro/con list.

First Visit:
First visit is 2 hours where a thorough assessment is done. She checked overall posture, flexibility, sensitive areas and my CPPS story. After that treatment started which was a mixture of myofascial release, trigger points (both external and internal) and probably some other stuff I didn't really understand. Afterwards I was given a list of 'homework' which involved specific stretches, trigger points and lifestyle changes (such as drinking x amount of water, trying to lengthen time between peeing, using a standing desk, etc.).

Follow up visits are just an assessment of how things are going, PT work and then any changes to homework.

  1. The therapists really know their stuff since this is what the focus on solely
  2. It's not cookie cutter, they really focus on your feedback and make changes based on it. My wife is a LMT so she gave me extra things she could do to help.
  3. I can confirm it has been helping at least 1 person (myself).
  1. They are BOOKED up. It can take a few weeks to get your first appt though they do have a cancellation list.
  2. They aren't cheap. $175 a visit and they don't take insurance.
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