Stem Cells a possible future treatment

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Stem Cells a possible future treatment

Post by webslave » ... 21-02269-x
In this study, we confirmed that iMSCs-EVs administration could effectively ameliorate chronic pelvic pain, reduce voiding pressure, increase the intercontraction interval, suppress inflammatory reactions and promote prostatic tissue repair.
When I read this, I groaned. No serious researcher would jump to such a conclusion. Firstly, is CPPS an autoimmune disease? Probably not. Secondly, these are rodents, not people. And they have an induced autoimmune condition, nothing like what men with UCPPS have.

There is a section on T helper cell (Th1/Th2 and Treg/Th17) re-regulation. It's a bit vague, but interesting.
These data illuminated that iMSCs-EVs could ameliorate chronic pelvic pain by downregulating the overexpression of COX-2.
I am more hopeful that the COX-2 aspect is fruitful, and I await human trials.
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Re: Stem Cells a possible future treatment

Post by LivingRoomFanatic »

I was just looking at Stem Cell injections there. Have you done any further reading since your initial post here? Would this be a long term solution do you think?

Admin comment: no further developments yet; it will take years to see these questions resolved ...
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